Monday, 13 July 2009

Testing our fitness

With only 5 weeks to go until we will attempt full distance on the 21st August we decided test our current fitness with what has been described on other blogs as the most challenging section of the canal. On Sunday 12 July we set off to Foulridge in the van (Tommy at the wheel) at 7am in the wind and rain. Kim and I set of heading towards Leeds from the tunnel at 8am moving at a steady pace for the first couple of miles. The first 5 miles here is a pretty good surface so progress was relatively good average speed. After this the path turns to grass and it then becomes far more challenging especially being wet and slippy on my semi slick tyres. There are also gates every half mile or so slowing the pace down even more. The twists and turns in the canal just before Gargrave gives you the impression your not getting very far for all the pedaling your doing. Kim picked up a puncture here on the rough ground so we needed to repair this costing us 15 Min's. After Gargrave we were shifting well again and soon arrived at and passed Skipton. Just after here a grass rut on the tow path deceived me sending me in the direction of the water. I have no idea how I prevented a swim here more luck than good riding skill. Cracked on to Silsden and the to 5 rise at Bingley. Good Cafe her so a pot of tea was ordered and we had a 10 min break. From here to Leeds the surface is good and pretty easy to ride on so we made good progress to Leeds - the tow path at Armley Mills is closed for 10 weeks so we had to take the diversion but its not a big problem. we both got to Leeds feeling great and ready for the next step up. Kim you did great mate considering you also put some miles in Saturday and the weather was not the best.

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