Sunday, 21 June 2009

Saturday 20th June set off to follow canals etc got 25 mile away from home and suddenly I was flying over the handle bars, my front wheel went into a small crack in the ground and I was flying through the air, I put my arms out as a normal reaction came crashing down on my hands and right knee bashing my head on the ground. After laying there 10 minutes in pain and feeling for broken bones and getting over the shock I stood up, right knee gushing with blood and severe pain but no other damage apart from damaged pride. The biggest saving grace was I had my helmet on, had I failed to wear this I am sure my injuries would have been much worse. so for all you cyclists out there always have protective gear on, you just never know when you may come off your bike.
Putting broken pride to one side I then carried on my ride back home taking a slight short cut doing a further 20 miles, now sat at home Sunday morning with a very stiff knee but getting loads of attention from the wife and kids, after all its Fathers day, nothing to do with milking the fact I fell of my bike.

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Anonymous said...

Just completed Leeds to Liverpool (On Friday) weather rubbish got soaked several times, trail q muddy / wet set of at 5:30 arrived Liverpool 11:05pm knees sore, who's idea was those stupid iq tests they call gates at high/low locks??? the best bit of downhill spoiled by silly gates..

I think you did well timings wise I couldn't have gone faster on my marin hybrid so I am looking at changing it- and use a full on mountain bike, I'll probably take a few out and time trial them see which one gets me moving the fastest as I was disapointed with the time - however all in all I had strong winds to deal with, buckled rear wheel after 40 miles, appalling weather and felt grim most of the way so should be happy...

Anyway welldone on your blog I must do the same and get my pictures up I also think it would help if there was a decent map for the whole route I think it would very popular.

Regards Phil Lee