Saturday, 6 June 2009

The Challenge
I rediscovered my love of cycling 5 years ago when my twin girls asked me to take them on bike rides, I had just got my 20 year service award with the company I work for and decided with the points I received to get a bike, it was roughly 30 years since I had ridden a bike.
The fun we had and mileage we covered was fantastic and now 5 years later Phil and I have set each other the challenge of cycling 127 miles from Liverpool to Leeds in 15 hours following the canal.
For any one wanting to do this you have to get fit and build your strengh up over a period of time covering further mileage every trip out, you need a very good reliable bike, spare inner tubes and a puncture repair kit not to mention family support food and drinks to say a few.
I am 52 years old in June so for all you old boring fogies out there get on a bike and get fit, I also suffer with high blood pressure and the advise from my Doctor is to keep going, its the best thing you can do to get fit and healthy.
Watch this space for further information or just email Phil and my self if you need any help.
Kim Raw

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Unknown said...

I was wondering whether you have the cycle route as a .gpx file or similar for gps devices?